Sunday, April 29, 2007

Learn from the AUSSIES!

Someone rightly said, "Cricket for me is a religion"

I strongly believe in the game and try to learn few attributes from it!And when it comes to learning there is no better team then the Wizards of Oz

A team which has kept its dominant supremacy for last 15 years. Just glimpse through their strategies and we probably could end up learning so many facets in our professional as well personal life.

The rules are simple!

1. Attack is a great form of defence.
2. Aggression is power and Agression right from the word Go is absolute power.
3. Probably your worst enemy is you,yourself.
4. Teamwork is more of We and less of Me.
5. Laurels and Criticism are part and parcel of your life.
6. "Form" yourself before you "Perform"
7. Wear an atttitude,if you dare not to fear anyone.
8. Don't set an example, Be an example
9. Be a Squad and not a team with bench strength.
10.Mental Toughness wins you half the race.
11.Don't play to win or lose but play for your LIFE...

Remember Fortune Favours the Brave!

Whenever, wherever, whoever, whatsoever wants to do something just work on the simple rules and you would only be glorifying one adjective........THE BEST!!

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