Monday, November 23, 2009


Life was on a move, yet again.......
Surprises come all your life and from all the possible people, opportunities, places, and probably every other living and non-living facet of your life. Times had changed for RS, as they fondly called him in his office. An overseas opportunity coupled with some amazing senior corporate position had made his way and early apprehensions about the new country were dying as RS was slowly getting adjusted with the new city, new local customs and more importantly new broadcasting news agency and newspapers. In this world of super powerful information highways and amazing world of infotainment it did not take time for RS to know who rules the Page 3 or what were the favorites for night animals to hang out. However, the pinch of living 3 year old Raghav and his ever supportive life mate, Anagha a few thousand miles away meant aeons of moments in life that would go counting seconds for an upcoming short vacation or slideshow of snaps playing on his laptop -Raghav's birthday had just lapsed and Papa still c0uld not make it though he wanted to fly for the weekend and make his presence felt. However a mark on the career was on a upward sloping curve and RS did not wish to miss this bus. He had taken a call, Life had to move ......
Building office pressures and ever increasing load of work slowly started to grip his life. He did not have any choice but to settle with this new responsibility. Well he was not a new kid on the block, RS had amassed a decade old work experience in an investment banking profile. He was not only good at wearing a tie but also had extraordinary skills in soliciting better clientele and controlling people. As expected he was scaling newer heights in his organisation but back of his mind he was very tentative with the demanding workstyle that his profile demanded. Lenghty meetings, routine late sittings in his office, disturbed eating habits and low morale employees had all taken a toll on his psyche. We all are aware and matured enough to take the modern day corporate pressures but the big point was RS had completely forgotten to "live". All of a sudden RS was understanding that his whole existence was slowly getting reduced to a workstation who just depends on the server for its existence. Irritative employees and boring seniors would eat his head for the breakfast and ruin his day. And it was not very long when RS realised that his mamoth efforts to change their behavior would do no good to the organisation, to him and all the more important to them. A meeting by the HoD would make him nervous, there were finger pointing by others in the organisation and his subordinates were just chilling out to exhaust their sick leaves. All of this was affecting him - and yes it did affect big time. Life had to move ....

The winter season was almost returning to the island city and just when he was having "chai" at his daily hangout Indian restaurant he did meet 3 idiots. Trust me an idiot is not a dumb ass but he is a person who lives in this world but sets his rules that are sometimes way too beyond someone's imagination.

It did not take him much time to get introduced to the younger lot who would not think too far ahead but at the same time won't worry or crib much on things that were happening in and around. RS did have a very good impression and soon became a gang to the crowd. He would hang with them late night, go to a disco, grab a pizza and live life larger. There was a turning point to his life. All his life he had been working hard with merits hanging on his shoulder like the army general's achievement but not was the time when he started to work smartly. He would not get annoyed with disgusting human behviour but instead incorporate them. "Jyaada Life mein Load nahi leneka, chill marneka" was the line each of the idiots would remind one another whenever they found themselves in some tricky or panicky situation. And RS was learning this lesson very fast. We cannot change someone but for ourselves. Our thoughts and action are our responsibilities but we do not have the utmost control when it comes to other human being. Instead we should change the way we live and the way we think. Unnecessary arguements, misguided perceptions and continuous constant pondering on some dying issue would add nothing to our life but for misery, anxiety and tension. No wonder the grey cells need to unload and chillax some times. Play a musical instrument, sing a song, crack a joke, watch a film, go play rugby, beat the Foodie records, eat junk food sometimes, dance in the rain, live the moment, LIVE LIFE.....

Most of us would have been party to such situation where we find a "RS" in us. All we need is to be the fourth idiot - If Life had to move, yet again.....

Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Probably this would be my last article for the year. The New Year is just few hours away and the countdown has begun already. Before I bid farewell to this yet another year, I had to write this post on one of the amazing things I discovered, rather which gives me kick like some of the better things in life :)

Holidays are the best time to chill out with friends especially when you love being a social animal. During one such casual meet, few of my "desi" friends taught me this game. In the beginning, I had a rough idea to the game as I have been accustomed playing to a similar game called "Kot" or "Vakkai" which is very much prevalent in Karnataka.
However this new game can be played by 4 or 6 players and is internationally very well acclaimed. The game involves well crafted strategy, a precise estimate and a sharp memory besides lot many attributes depending on the player psyche, attitude and general behavior. The flow of the game at times keeps you glued to the game that you just go crazy and absolutely surpass the barriers of time beyond a limit. As we all are novice players I am really not sure of the various levels the game can be played with but I just love the game too much.
Legend has it that this game has been very helpful for addicts to come out of harmful addictions - only to find out later you are in for a different intoxication.

Bridge - A game of cards is the subject matter of discussion and I will write more on it as and as I explore more into it.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Revival 2 - Blog, here I come

Time runs fast and so do we! Or should we???
Long back I had tried reviving my blog but the brutal word "busy" successfully threw me out of the habit for another six months. My curricular actvities, working schedule et al really put me on the backfoot and avoiding me from wonderful subjects I would have loved to write. Hitesh and Rachana kept on asking me about any updates but sorry guys, I just could not write.

And here I am. Saving my blog from extinction again.

The REVIVAL has begun, Again!! and this time I hope to beat the word busy....

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


He recently turned 25 but never had done it...all his life ...had heard so many stories from his friends but never in his wildest dreams he thought he would also end up doing it...but blame it on the new modern world or call it the cosmetic society and its wonders...he had to do it...he just, had to do it...and it was just a matter of time before he started sharing his experiences with others too.....
His parents had strong "roots" but for him fate had a different tale...a tale which he would have to bear all throughout and share it till the end of his very life....yet he was not regretful....because he was left with no options....that was the only way he could concentrate....however decision making ia always difficult....but as one would normally do with a sane mind..he persuaded himself....yes he had to do it........" आखीर वह कोई जुर्म नही कर रहा "....
time passed...after consulting several other like minded professionals...he decided upon the day...sometimes we create history in our lives too....and this was a big day for him....he could not sleep properly the night before he actually did it....for the excitement and fear were running all throughout his veins in equal proprtion.....
The day dawned....he had a heavy lunch but a light dinner....and he then drove his car...all the way to the "HER" den....Her den was quite popular and she was supposed to be a very good natured human being...she was very young ...may be in her mid 30's....and had helped many of them ....realise ....they even vowed...that she took each and every case with utmost patience and pleasure.....And here he comes.....
there is a queue of persons who have come before him...and need attention too.....he bit his nails in desperation till the time...when she actually called him right across her.......he just could not think of anything else and asked her to do it as fast as she could but she was all ears and in no hurry....she exclaimed with her rich experience and could understand his virgin experience.....
She asked him to open up .....!@#$%^&*.... and finally he was done....he looked good...he had never imagined it would be such a nice thing but yes the thing was strong, sturdy and firm...he paid her...and with a million of thanks returned happily to home.....For was the first time...but he would cherish it all his life time and for her it was ....a usual day to day life....she hates nowadays ...her profession.....afterall opening up is such a sick thing...ain't it!

imagine our communication...without being specific on nouns...the whole world would go for a you all would have gone.....folks, am talking of Him ...a patient who just had "Root Canal with Cap"..through..Her..a popular good natured and ethically morale dentist!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

How Personal is Computer ?

"अरे यार, तंग आ गया हूँ - मुझे थोड़ा गाना सुनने दे " .. Yo man..have you played a new version of Quake III ..Its much more exciting then NFS.. " रुक आज तेरा गाना रेकॉर्ड करता हूँ."..dude I have almost worked on it for hours but I still could not crack the total..something wrong with the spreadsheet...BTW, go home and watch that movie..I have ripped it on HDD...
Well these are some of the daily sentences which are in vogue all throughout. Just imagine who is at the epicentre of all these.....Yes we call it the Computer! Rather a Personal Computer!

Little did we imagine that this wonder invention of modern times would become such a necessity in our day to day household. Perhaps time has now come to call it The Man's Best friend. The dogs can go take break and better be confined only to Vodafone Ads. :).

I was wondering the time we spent during the course of the day with the computer is much more than we spend with our near and dear ones . For each and everything, PC is always called upon. Be it information or entertainment PC is the answer to all. Most of us start our day with the Outlook/ Lotus Notes and then are glued to our seats with our eyes focussed on the Screens for all the permutations and combinations of work we do all through out the day. As and when we switch on to the internet we gather so much of information and communicate with lots many people whom we perhaps have never met through popular chat windows or social networking sites. इतना हि नही जब घर जावो we listen to songs, watch videos, play games and write blogs et al ..courtesy PC . The extent of our dependence on the computer is graduated to it being termed as a necessity and we can hardly survive in this modern world without having any exposure to it. A PC is acting as a window to the whole virtual world and we don't bother about anything. Neither nature, nor outings, no social clubbing..Instead of taking his girl friend to a walk across the beach, Mr Romeo is busy chatting with her on the internet. Thanks to the computer! A kid is playing a new 3d game on the PC instead of asking his papa to go to the park. Thanks again! Hours and hours poor husband is unable to reach home and instead of spending some cosy time with his wife , who is he clinged upon???? No its not his secretary but its the PCs. We may term it as notebooks or laptops but the PC's have surely changed out lifestyle. By no means I wish the readers to conclude that I hate computers but it seems to me that we are slowly losing the human touch and are becoming mechanic. In the beginning of the century an existence of PC was considered a realm of fantasy but today its reality. The gradual metamorphosis of PCs into some Androids is inevitable in coming days.
There is no running from the fact that the computer is by far the best invention ever seen in the mankind but I just can say one thing, it makes life so Impersonal. And then we get masked by advertising gurus, who say.."The Computer is Personal Again"..Do you really think its personal??

Saturday, May 31, 2008


Revival - restoration to life, consciousness, vigor, strength, etc.


been a long time since I actually bogged but I don't know I was not getting inspired to write too many things. And I am not that sorts of person who would write for the sake of writing. You may note this is my second post for the year and we are almost half way down the year. No problems, I am not in a hurry. The whole life is waiting for me to write..:)

As I write this blog there is a purpose; Not to glorify that I am such a jerk who is not paying attention of all the things in this world..My ASHWORLD-(blog) nor to uncork a champagne that I have done it - But to focus on this word "revival"

Yes I know most of you know this word but I am absolutely sure we have "n" things to revive and the list is big. Someone might want to revive a habit, hobby, practice, custom or a relationship. Yet we are unable to do it many a times. The state of being busy is the most common attribute we blame on not reviving things. True to some extent but I feel the main culprit is the intent. If we think core to the issue, revival to a large extent depends on the intent of the reviver.

If I intent to aim at reviving there is no one stopping me from doing it. Yes, I have started reviving my blog. I don't fear the results but the intent is honest and will work towards it. Hope to write some nice discussions, funnier stories and many more topics. And this time I have got inspired because of nature. The nature has created so many things. It livens, burns, buries, sways, rains, dries, destroys and never stops and keeps on reviving. Things which you have created will need to be revived till they die. And I won't let my blog die so early (abhi toh uski shaadi bhi nahi hui )And alongwith my blog there would be other things which I would slowly revive. And after you read this blog, please note the things which you would like to revive. After all LIFE is wonderful and nothing is great then reviving things which have been lost in the CYCLE of TIME.

Now, get working. 'Cos its the time to REVIVE.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


The world is full of so many stories but a few of them have lessons so well imbibed in them which sometimes go beyond a fairy tale juxtaposition and apply to your life, our life.
I am gonna put one such story which many of you might have read somewhere but the morale I got it inspired me to put it across in the blogworld. My effort would only be rewarded if a few beings read it and get the essence of it...
A snake was hunting a rabbit that was running for it's life. Hungry for a long time, the snake would relish this hunt. Swaying across the tiny bushes, the rabbit would lease its life in salvation if at all it would survive this wrath of its destiny. Meanwhile two eagles are watching this game of "survival of the fittest" from above and are praying heavens for getting their feast for the day.
Just when the snake was about to pounce on the rabbit's tiny life, the eagles catchhold both of them in their flight. Held tight in their respective claws, the reptile and the rabbit can still each other even after being held victim of the wild bird. The fate of all is almost sealed now.
However the rabbit is still fearing it might make its way into the snake's throat and has almost forgot that anyways the eagle is going to have it! In sharp contrast, the snake is waiting for its hopeless chance to have one bite before being gulped by the predator......
Apply this to your real life and you find that the experiences accounted for the rabbit and the snake exemplify one nice morale. "Fear of Death" is sometimes more horrible than DEATH and "Greed" would always vanish after DEATH
Isn't this very true with LIFE? And we are thankful that the hunt for the morale was successful by the storyteller......