Saturday, May 31, 2008


Revival - restoration to life, consciousness, vigor, strength, etc.


been a long time since I actually bogged but I don't know I was not getting inspired to write too many things. And I am not that sorts of person who would write for the sake of writing. You may note this is my second post for the year and we are almost half way down the year. No problems, I am not in a hurry. The whole life is waiting for me to write..:)

As I write this blog there is a purpose; Not to glorify that I am such a jerk who is not paying attention of all the things in this world..My ASHWORLD-(blog) nor to uncork a champagne that I have done it - But to focus on this word "revival"

Yes I know most of you know this word but I am absolutely sure we have "n" things to revive and the list is big. Someone might want to revive a habit, hobby, practice, custom or a relationship. Yet we are unable to do it many a times. The state of being busy is the most common attribute we blame on not reviving things. True to some extent but I feel the main culprit is the intent. If we think core to the issue, revival to a large extent depends on the intent of the reviver.

If I intent to aim at reviving there is no one stopping me from doing it. Yes, I have started reviving my blog. I don't fear the results but the intent is honest and will work towards it. Hope to write some nice discussions, funnier stories and many more topics. And this time I have got inspired because of nature. The nature has created so many things. It livens, burns, buries, sways, rains, dries, destroys and never stops and keeps on reviving. Things which you have created will need to be revived till they die. And I won't let my blog die so early (abhi toh uski shaadi bhi nahi hui )And alongwith my blog there would be other things which I would slowly revive. And after you read this blog, please note the things which you would like to revive. After all LIFE is wonderful and nothing is great then reviving things which have been lost in the CYCLE of TIME.

Now, get working. 'Cos its the time to REVIVE.

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Rach said...

Hey AShwin!!... Good to see u revive ur blog!!

Well said, abt the intent being the main reason! And good to see u being honest abt ur intent of reviving it!

Keep up the work... and hope this season of ur blog is everlasting :)

Take Care