Saturday, June 7, 2008

How Personal is Computer ?

"अरे यार, तंग आ गया हूँ - मुझे थोड़ा गाना सुनने दे " .. Yo man..have you played a new version of Quake III ..Its much more exciting then NFS.. " रुक आज तेरा गाना रेकॉर्ड करता हूँ."..dude I have almost worked on it for hours but I still could not crack the total..something wrong with the spreadsheet...BTW, go home and watch that movie..I have ripped it on HDD...
Well these are some of the daily sentences which are in vogue all throughout. Just imagine who is at the epicentre of all these.....Yes we call it the Computer! Rather a Personal Computer!

Little did we imagine that this wonder invention of modern times would become such a necessity in our day to day household. Perhaps time has now come to call it The Man's Best friend. The dogs can go take break and better be confined only to Vodafone Ads. :).

I was wondering the time we spent during the course of the day with the computer is much more than we spend with our near and dear ones . For each and everything, PC is always called upon. Be it information or entertainment PC is the answer to all. Most of us start our day with the Outlook/ Lotus Notes and then are glued to our seats with our eyes focussed on the Screens for all the permutations and combinations of work we do all through out the day. As and when we switch on to the internet we gather so much of information and communicate with lots many people whom we perhaps have never met through popular chat windows or social networking sites. इतना हि नही जब घर जावो we listen to songs, watch videos, play games and write blogs et al ..courtesy PC . The extent of our dependence on the computer is graduated to it being termed as a necessity and we can hardly survive in this modern world without having any exposure to it. A PC is acting as a window to the whole virtual world and we don't bother about anything. Neither nature, nor outings, no social clubbing..Instead of taking his girl friend to a walk across the beach, Mr Romeo is busy chatting with her on the internet. Thanks to the computer! A kid is playing a new 3d game on the PC instead of asking his papa to go to the park. Thanks again! Hours and hours poor husband is unable to reach home and instead of spending some cosy time with his wife , who is he clinged upon???? No its not his secretary but its the PCs. We may term it as notebooks or laptops but the PC's have surely changed out lifestyle. By no means I wish the readers to conclude that I hate computers but it seems to me that we are slowly losing the human touch and are becoming mechanic. In the beginning of the century an existence of PC was considered a realm of fantasy but today its reality. The gradual metamorphosis of PCs into some Androids is inevitable in coming days.
There is no running from the fact that the computer is by far the best invention ever seen in the mankind but I just can say one thing, it makes life so Impersonal. And then we get masked by advertising gurus, who say.."The Computer is Personal Again"..Do you really think its personal??

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Rach said...

Well... the Computer is personal, u know!!

Right from personalised desktop to screensavers, to connecting u to a Web that allows u the space to express yourself... the Computer, well HAS become personal!!

Nice post... hope u enjoyed the link i sent u too!!

Good to see u blog more frequently... yet wondering as to why my tag is as yet unanswered!! :| :|