Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Revival 2 - Blog, here I come

Time runs fast and so do we! Or should we???
Long back I had tried reviving my blog but the brutal word "busy" successfully threw me out of the habit for another six months. My curricular actvities, working schedule et al really put me on the backfoot and avoiding me from wonderful subjects I would have loved to write. Hitesh and Rachana kept on asking me about any updates but sorry guys, I just could not write.

And here I am. Saving my blog from extinction again.

The REVIVAL has begun, Again!! and this time I hope to beat the word busy....


Deadpulse said...

I am re-developing my website and going to implement lots of new things in it. I would like if you will build your blog on my website. I will be providing you a space to write and share material.

And do please write something now.... there is nothing such like Busy. It's a man made word. That's all. No one forgets to breathe, sleep, eat in busy schedule.

Bit aggressive huh!.. don't think so. I am your fan. So, make me happy.

Ashwin said...

insallah Hitesh!..I will write for u dude