Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Probably this would be my last article for the year. The New Year is just few hours away and the countdown has begun already. Before I bid farewell to this yet another year, I had to write this post on one of the amazing things I discovered, rather which gives me kick like some of the better things in life :)

Holidays are the best time to chill out with friends especially when you love being a social animal. During one such casual meet, few of my "desi" friends taught me this game. In the beginning, I had a rough idea to the game as I have been accustomed playing to a similar game called "Kot" or "Vakkai" which is very much prevalent in Karnataka.
However this new game can be played by 4 or 6 players and is internationally very well acclaimed. The game involves well crafted strategy, a precise estimate and a sharp memory besides lot many attributes depending on the player psyche, attitude and general behavior. The flow of the game at times keeps you glued to the game that you just go crazy and absolutely surpass the barriers of time beyond a limit. As we all are novice players I am really not sure of the various levels the game can be played with but I just love the game too much.
Legend has it that this game has been very helpful for addicts to come out of harmful addictions - only to find out later you are in for a different intoxication.

Bridge - A game of cards is the subject matter of discussion and I will write more on it as and as I explore more into it.

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