Wednesday, May 2, 2007

time is running out!!

Excuse me, did you forget something?

They say this is a technologically advanced world but just wait for a second and you would probably derive a conclusion its very fast paced too..Just ask yourself when did you last visit your ailing school teacher...Just ask yourself when did you last play Cricket with the friends who used to play with you for hours and hours.....Just ask yourself when did you go with your family to one nice outing...Just ask yourself when did you spend time with yourself seeking solace in the deep world of meditation............God, this is crazy!!

I am sure there would be exceptions to the above questions but some or the other point we all have felt depressed because time in running out...and its running on top gear....

Often I feel that I have so many things lined and planned but I manage to complete hardly few of them. The reason being time is running out. And day in and day out we all are getting galloped by this 4 letter word called"busy"..Its very sad on our part that we are not giving enough time to recreate, regenerate or recharge ourselves.......

Where are we leading....

Before I speak one whole session on this I just want to say

STOP.....THINK..... LIVE......LIFE!


Nagesh Pai said...

Welcome to the blogosphere :-)

rach said...

nice post... and very true too!!!

but if u ask someone to stop and think where they are leading too, they will say they are too busy to think abt it!!!

and yea, welcomr to blogging! :)

Purnima said...


@ Ashwin,
I was gonna write the same that Rachana's written. so thought of saving my own time by not rewriting.

anyways, Welcome to the world of bloggers and please keep posting.